Best Times of the Day to Check into Your Room


While travelling can be a fun and exciting adventure, it can also be daunting for most people. In as much as you need to take a break and get away from your routine, travelling comes with a share of problems.

First, you have to identify a destination, book transport means and hotels and then pack. After making all this effort, it would be discouraging to find that your room has been given away since you checked in too late and were considered a “no show.”

Therefore, as you prepare to soak yourself in the sun and enjoy the beautiful water as you walk through the sandy beaches or enjoy beautiful naturalistic scenery, ensure that you understand all that goes into having you settled into your room.

You will find various set times for check-in, and each accommodation facility has time-frames that apply to them. Always confirm with your hotel when you should check-in and whether you can get early or late accommodation.

The ideal situation would be to check-in within the stipulated time frame. However, some unforeseeable circumstances might make you either early or late. Discussed below are the repercussions of doing late and early check-in;

  1. Late-Check-in

When you find yourself held back significantly, ensure that you contact your hotel and inform the staff. This is because you might be considered a “no show” and your room will be given out.

Some institutions offer late check-ins ensure to look for one if you predict you might be delayed. However, the possibility of you losing your room is only applicable where you are extremely late.

Also, you might find that most staff members have left the facility. This means you will not be able to have your meal and access other services. Calling in advance allows the staff to prepare for your late arrival.

  1. Early Check-in

Getting to your hotel early also has disadvantages. Often, you will find that the previous occupants of the room you had booked are still using it. They could be in the process of leaving, but it would still take time to tidy up.

If you find your room available, you might incur extra costs. Most hotels charge extra for early check-in. However, if you are in luck and arrive a short time before check-in time, you might get your room key.

If you arrive too early, you could always ask the staff to store your luggage as you explore the facility. You could go into the dining area, pool or guest lounge. If you are there on a business trip, you can always whip up your laptop, request for the WIFI password and start working.