5 Ways To Survive a Long Haul Flight

Doesn’t it seem like a dream coming true when one morning you see your all bags packed and tickets lined up to take you across the world, exploring the hotels and hobart serviced apartments never seen before and indulging in the best the planet could offer? This dream-like picture could be the reality with the cheap flight deals from your nearby tour and travelers. But all this pleasure has one single, little cost to pay and that is surviving long hauling flights. Let’s find out the most productive ways that can help you in killing time and enjoy longer flights to the fullest.

De-connect & Connect

Take a break from your personal and official emails, family and friends and daily thinking and start up a conversation with your fellow flyer. Learn about new experiences, talk about their habits, their regrets, talk about your fears, your inner self, the things that make you happy and listen to theirs. Make a companion who won’t judge you for who you are. The one, with whom you can talk about stuff you don’t talk to yourself. Take time to connect!

Read a book

If you are an avid reader, there is no good time other than sitting comfy in the middle of the skies, hovering in the clouds while enjoying the ultimate scenery. Reading is one of the creative ways to dump the lethargy long flights that could bring onto you. Another way to shed off the slackness is by writing. Jot down your to-do list in the new cities of the world, pen down their tourist points and set up a shopping list for the people at home. So next time, when you have to fly for long hours, don’t forget to carry your journal and favorite author with you.

Be comfy

Thanks to our celebrities for introducing the airport look. Sweatshirt, t-shirt or tank top, comfy jeans, favorite daily blazer, easy sneakers and there you go! You are all dressed up for your flight. Keep it light and easy. Comfort is the key to spend long hauling hours in the air painlessly.

Sleep like a log

We all know how exhausting long flights could be, so why don’t take a nap. Other than holding on to see any supreme view coming down your way, choose to get some zizz. Take account of all the critical agendas to have to deal with in the forthcoming business meetings or to wander in the historic streets of your favorite country, how much energy it requires? Hence give your mind and body a break and sleep. Don’t forget to carry your eye mask with you.

Carry your flight Kit

Carry lip balm, baby wipes and moisturizer in it, which would help you keep your beauty intact or at least keep the dirt from your face and neck. Rejuvenating your skin is mandatory when you are in such a place for such long hours where there is so little oxygen available. Gum and deodorant would keep your breath and body refreshing. Hair accessories, reusable water bottles, and glass, hands-free, nail filer, etc. just to keep you busy in the air.