Tips to Store Wine Without a Wine Cooler

corked wine bottles

Wine is one of the most famous beverages in the world and has been so for over a thousand years. From Romans to Greeks, wine has been an important beverage since history. Even nowadays, this drink is enjoyed worldwide as per its different variants. From the perfect aroma to the long-lasting aftertaste, there isn’t anything you would want to miss on when having a glass of wine.

Previously, wine was difficult to prepare because of its consistency and aroma. But now, due to the advent of technology, wine has become one of the most common drinks to be prepared, stored and matured with age easily. Nowadays, wine is easily available from any store in different flavors and ages. People also look for creative ways to store wine so the natural essence, freshness and taste remains the same as it was first opened.

Most of the people go for wine coolers and want to stick to the easy way out. But the wine coolers are expensive and not everyone can afford these.

Here are some ways to store wine if you don’t want to invest in a wine cooler:

Keep it in the Dark

Store your favorite wine bottles in a room where there is no access to direct light, especially sunlight. UV rays can enter the bottle and absorb within the drink to produce an unnatural smell. A simple way to protect it from the light is that to cover the bottle with a piece of cloth or place the bottle in a box. Light reacts quickly with the content inside, altering the taste, smell and age.

Store Corked Wine Bottles on Their Sides

If the wine bottles are stored in an upright position for too long, then the cork on the bottle gets dried. This influences entrance of air in the bottle, altering the drink inside it. This can be reduced if we store the bottle label side up, which assures no direct entrance from the cork. This also gives a clear view of the liquid and its natural consistency.

Keep the Temperature Constant

For extended aging of a wine for example for 1 year, the key role in maintaining its’ flavor is the temperature. The storage temperature of the wine should be 24 degree Celsius. At temperatures greater than 24, wine starts to oxidize. In order to ensure the wine remains as it is, it is important to sustain this temperature.

This is one of the main reasons for not keeping wine in refrigerators. There is a constant change in temperature of refrigerators which in turn reacts with the wine.

Don’t Shake the Wine

If possible, store the wine in such a way that the bottle experiences no movement at all. Even by slight vibrations, the wine will be affected. Stirring, movement and vibration can ruin the natural viscosity of the drink, ensuring the taste and aroma are altered.

Keep it Around a Humid Environment

wine storage

A highly humid environment prevents the cork on the opened wine bottle from drying. Maximum humidity must be 70% approximately. Humidity greater than 70% can cause the growth of mold within the cork of the drink.

A hygrometer can be used to check the moisture conditions and humidifying or dehumidifying techniques can be implemented as per requirement, where the wine is being kept.

Isolate the Wine

Don’t store the wine with anything that has a strong smell as the smell of that food item will penetrate through the cork of the wine and will taint it. Proper ventilation can help in this process which prevents musty odors from entering the beverage. There is a chance that other food items might also adapt the smell of the drink and get altered in taste.

After Opening, Store in Wine Cellar or Closet

wine cellar

If a wine cellar or a closet is not available, store it in a fridge which is not be opened after frequent intervals. The fridge can help in retaining the flavor of the wine for three to five days after it has been opened.  Make sure that the opened bottle of wine has minimum exposure to air. If there is little amount in the bottle, transfer it to a smaller bottle and close the lid tightly.

Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar is the most convenient wine storing unit for everyone. Just place the bottle on the rack of the wine cellar, close the door and you’re good to go! Not only will all the wine be stored without any worries but no one will be interfering with your collection.

Another storage unit is a makeshift closet wine cellar. This closet is ideal for the one who drinks wine every day and wants to continuously replace bottles.

Freezing the Cork

After opening the wine, place the cork in a freezer immediately. Doing this will contract the cork which can then be easily adjusted within the bottle opening. The cork can be reused without having to worry about the air that goes in.

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