Israeli Style Brunch For The Table

selection of mezza, breads & pastries, salads, and egg dishes

Chef’s Choice 20 per person
participation by whole table required

Sweet & Savory Pastries

Lemon Glazed Pistachio Spiced Roll      4

       Croissant – halva, basturma &kashkaval, or chocolate urfa      3

      Seasonal Hand Pie      3

Egg Dishes

Red Shakshuka
baked eggs in spicy tomato broth with peppers & merguez
served with morrocan toast      12

Green Shakshuka
baked eggs in spicy tomatillo broth with spinach & feta
served with morrocan toast      12

Ful Medames
stewed spiced fava beans, herbs, slow cooked egg      10
add soujuk or bastruma   2.5

          KuKu Persian Style Baked Omelette      12
today’s preparation

Sabich Sandwich
fried eggplant, haminado egg, chopped salad,
hummus, tahina, amba      11

   Hummus With Spiced Lamb & Raisins, Fried Egg, Pita      12


Challah French Toast
seasonal fruit, sweet labneh, shaved almonds      10

Little Gems
creamy feta dressing, peanut dukah, figs      9

Falafel Sandwich
tahina, zhoug, pickles, lettuce      11

Lamb Burger
feta, harissa, sumac red onion, butter lettuce, anise seed bun
served with za’atar potatoes*        13


egg    2.5
za’atar potatoes    4
merguez sausage    5
soujuk sausage    5
pita & hummus    6