Helpful Tips for Healthy Dining Out

dining out

How to resist temptation from the beautiful food cooked by professional chefs? How to stop yourself from the aroma that brings water in your mouth? One thing will definitely stop you if you are a reasonable person concerned by his/her own well being. Yes, that is unhealthy and unhygienic food or food that brings your belly out. Who likes a round tummy these days anyway? We all like to look healthy and fit and also like to eat the same too.

How to avoid fat and unhealthy food? The answer is simple: follow these tips. You will surely find them very practical and equally healthy. We all need as much help as we can get in the matter of our health and our fitness.

1. Read the menu before you go

“Looks can be deceiving”.

We all know hear this phrase all the time. Sometimes we remember it, sometimes we don’t. People can deceive you as much as the food prepared by their hands can. You can simply go to a restaurant, sit there a while look at the menu and if you can’t decide what to eat, you look around. That is where you throw your health out. You take in the aromas, you look at several obese people eating and you say, “I’ll have that ’cause it looks interesting!” and you pay no heed to the ingredients or your calories. Read the menu before you go and think about what you’ll eat before you go there and fall prey to what others order.

2. Eat something healthy on the way

If you’re super hungry and you end up at the restaurant you may want to eat everything on the menu. Which may lead to a lot of burden on your stomach and an even bigger burden on your wallet. The easy way to avoid this is to eat something healthy before you go. Take a banana or some other¬†proteinaceous consumable to keep you from over eating.

3. Drink water before and during the meal

Water needs its own space in your stomach and is equally essential for you. Drinking water before and during your meal will keep you from dehydrating as well from overeating.

4. Do not skip a meal

Overeating is like a drug. Once you’re addicted to it, it’s really hard to get out. You have twice the chance of eating beyond your requirement when dining out. This is why you shouldn’t miss a meal when you’re to dine out. Eat properly on the outing day and you will eat properly when you’re out too.

5. Eat plants

Yes, you are an omnivore. You are not to eat only meat when you’re out. Order food with the proper amount of greens and greens that are greens not smeared in oil or in thick sauces. Just the greens. Try something that you’ve never tried before! It’s all natural so it can’t really hurt you even if it wanted to(allergies aside).

6. Control the dessert

One of the main reasons of getting unfit fast is eating too much dessert. Whenever you’re done eating think twice about dessert. It will always be tempting but you have to ask yourself twice, “Is it really necessary? Am I not full yet?” Even if you do end up ordering dessert, share. Take it with a friend or take half of it home. It will be equally tempting when you wake up at midnight.

7. Avoid the gluten free

“Gluten-free” is something that most people confuse with low fat or low calorie. Gluten free only means that there is no gluten in there. There is no guarantee of the amount of fat in there. Most eating places use this to sell low calorie food. Beware! Remember that gluten is something else and fat is something else. Gluten might be favorable for you but fat, never!

Beverages to Keep Your Heart Healthy


There are many beverages around the world. Some cause very serious problems for us and reduce our life significantly. Here, we will discuss those beverages which are healthy for us and they will provide a better living condition. They are:


Our body¬† comprises of 70% water and we cannot possibly stress on the significance of drinking sufficient water everyday. Water is the most healthy drink available because many reactions in our body are due to water. Carrying of blood around the body is due to water. Consuming more water increases physical performance. Drinking water can also help in weight reduction. It also helps the heart in performing it’s job efficiently.


Milk has potassium in it which can reduce blood pressure along with the reduction of heart diseases. It has calcium which prevents osteoporosis in the long run. Drinking a glass of milk daily can help in keeping a healthy heart and bones. Apart from calcium and potassium, milk has many more nutrients essential for the body. It is sufficient to say that the body functions properly once milk intake is regulated on a daily basis.

Whole fruit Juice

Whole fruit juice means that there is no sugar content within the juice. This is the pure fruit extracted juice which often contains seeds and pulp. These type of juices are very healthy as their different kinds provide us with different types of vitamins, calcium and much more nutrients.

Our body functions effectively once 4 ounces of fruit juice is taken in every week. It helps in reducing the cholesterol level significantly. Also, inflammation can be reduced by drinking juices. Risks of heart attacks are also reduced to some extent.


It is amazing but true that tea reduces the chance of heart diseases. A review was carried out in 2001 which showed that the risk of heart diseases was decreased by 11% if the people drank 3 cups of tea a day.

Make tea with less sugar because sugar intake can be harmful for the body. Comprising of anti-oxidants, it can protect us from intoxication. Tea drinkers have a less probability of arterial blockage in the heart. Cholesterol can also be reduced by drinking tea.

Black Tea

Comprising of stronger anti-oxidants, it helps more in fighting heart disease. It reduces the chances of cardiovascular diseases, even in older age. It helps in curing the clogged arteries. From reducing cholesterol level to offering a healthy way of weight reduction, black tea is a definitely healthy drink for everyone.

Green Tea

It increases resistance to a heart attack. It prevents LDL particles from oxidation in the blood stream, which are a source of heart disease. It improves the health greatly. It increases our lifetime. It also provides resistance to many other heart diseases including heart attack, valve malfunctions, etc.  In relaxing the blood flow to our heart, the beverage helps reduce weight as well.

When consumed after meals, this beverage is experienced to keep the body feeling light and healthy.


Coffee reduces the risk of clogged arteries which further cause heart attacks. Coffee also reduces cholesterol level of our body if taken regularly. According to a study, people who drink coffee have less chances of calcium blockage in their arteries which supply the heart. Chances of cardiovascular diseases also decrease. Coffee also helps in controlling the blood pressure of our body.

Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate also reduces the chance of heart diseases in the long run. It comprises of cocoa which has plenty of polyphenol which are antioxidants. Some nutritionists have said that hot chocolate is healthier than the green tea, which lowers the cholesterol levels only. Hot chocolate also activates our body and keeps us in a good mood. It also reduces the chance of a stroke.

Blood pressure can be reduced by drinking hot chocolate as the cocoa and sugar dilate the blood.

Cranberry Juice

Another drink comprising of anti-oxidants as well as capable of fighting heart diseases. Cholesterol level can also be controlled by the cranberry juice. Also, a heart affected by smoking can also be cured by drinking cranberry juice which is a great advantage.

It also helps in fighting diabetes and gas release from the stomach. Not only will your heart be healthy, but your digestion will be regulated and eased too.

Tomato Juice

A beverage that allows strong resistance against cardiovascular diseases. It is also said that a tomato a day keeps the heart doctor away. It can help in making of blood in the heart because of the rich tomato content. It comprises of potassium and sodium which helps in the reduction of blood pressure and allows safe circulation of blood.